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My Story

Over the years I have shopped with coupons on and off.  I would save enough to pay for the newspaper and not much more.  It was the typical 30 cents here and 50 cents there.  Most of the time I would think “why do I keep up with this little envelope or why am I spending so much time cutting this out for so little saving?”

That is where I was when I went to visit my family Thanksgiving 2005. I had gotten to the point of not even bothering with coupons, after all I could get generic or store brand products cheaper.  During the visit with my family, my mom and one of my sisters were discussing the up-in-coming “triple Coupon Weekend” and how much money my sister had saved since July.  My mom was making plans to drive up from Houston to Dallas to participate in this grand event.  I was a little more than skeptical.  I actually laughed at her and said something along the lines of “There is no way you can get $500 worth of groceries for $20.”  Then she pulled out her coupon folder and started explaining the process to me.  I was even more amazed when we went to a major supermarket and were able to use coupons to get items for FREE.

Needless to say, I was amazed, so I started collecting coupons.  A few weeks later I joined my mom and sister in Dallas to shop for groceries.  I told myself I needed to make the trip worth it and decided not to mail the Christmas presents for my family but deliver them in the same trip.  At the very least I wouldn’t have to pay to ship Christmas presents that year.  I couldn’t justify driving three hours just to shop for groceries.  That trip was the first of many wonderful cost saving epics in my years of coupon shopping.  My first time shopping I think I did pretty well for myself.  I purchased $340.45 worth of groceries and didn’t pay a thing.  After some careful analysis of my receipts and a few adjustments later they actually paid me $7.00 to take it all home.  I was hooked.  The next six months I saved over $4500.

That was four years ago and I am still saving huge every month.  I am now a stay at home mom to our three wonderful girls.  My husband has said on many occasions “You can stay home if you find a way to pay for groceries”.  And that is what I did.

There is no turning back.



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