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Cheap and Easy Dinner Ideas February 1, 2014

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I am often asked what are some cheap dinners that I make for my family.

You don’t have to eat nothing but rice and beans and beans and rice to cut corners.  Don’t get me wrong that does help.  However, it gets old fast. So here is a short list of some of our favorites that will save you money.

1. Roasted Chicken

I can get a whole chicken on sale for under a dollar a pound. My family loves roasted chicken as well as chicken salad, quesadillas, chicken and rice, and chicken tacos from the leftovers.

2. Breakfast for Dinner

We generally make pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs or bacon if I can find it on sales and with coupon.

Some times we just have eggs and fruit with homemade bread.  Your choices are endless.

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is a fast grab and eat meal that can be combined with a hunk of cheddar cheese, an apple or pear, and some saltine crackers or even a handful of nuts.  (This makes a great lunch for my girls more than dinner but it is an idea.)

4. Shredded chicken.

We love this because it can be made into many meals.  When I make shredded chicken I also make chicken broth at the same time.  This can then be used also for soups later .  Ideas for dinners out of shredded chicken:  Chicken soup, Tacos, Chopped chicken salad salad, Salad meat topping,  add it to fried rice.  The list is endless.  Have I even mentioned I love when the 10 lb bags of leg quarters go on sale.  I stock up to use for later.

5. Chicken-Fried Rice

I use leftover chicken, a bag of frozen veggies, rice and an egg and my own version of the soy sauce.

6.  Lentil Tacos

We make lentils with  beef broth and then serve them like I would ground meat with tacos.  When we started this I would add a small bit of lentils to my taco meat.  I have slowly removed all the beef and now just do all lentils.  This is a real budget stretcher, even if you don’t remove all the ground beef.

7.  Homemade Pizza

We make our own dough, use spaghetti sauce that we have purchased with coupons or make my own sauce with tomato sauce and spices and then cheese, which of course I got with coupon.

8. Red beans and rice

Rice and beans are very cheap and very yummy.  If you start with the dry version, you will have even more money.

9. Nachos with refried beans.

Again if you make your own refried beans you can save a lot of money.  Also you can make a big batch in the crock pot and freeze the rest.

10. Tuna Noodle salad

Tuna, noodles, bag of frozen veggies, sour cream and spices.  Quick, easy and cheap.


I hope this gives you some ideas on cutting cost but not quality.

Let me know what some of your favorite cheap meals are.  I would love to hear and maybe even find a new family favorite.





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