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Fall off the couponing wagon? January 6, 2014

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I meet a lot of people, mostly while I am shopping, and nine times out of ten they will say “oh, I fell off the wagon of couponing.”   I am here to tell you today that it is okay to take a season to NOT coupon.  That is right, I said it is okay not to coupon.  Everyone goes through seasons in their lives where life is just busy and if you add one more thing, something is going to give and you will lose control of everything that you are juggling.

Even I, The Coupon Junkie, have times where I don’t coupon as much.  Here is a list of some of things that I do to save money, while not necessarily using coupons.

1. Make a menu.  Planning your meals will help save time and extra trips to the store, which will save money on those impulse buys.

2. Buy what is on sale.  Instead of buying the watermelon that is out of season, consider buying what is in season.

3.  Freeze left overs to be used later.  So NO WASTE.

4. Use money saving apps on my smart phone, the use of coupons without the work of coupons.

5. Buy in bulk.

6. Buy quick reduced meats and freeze for later use or quick reduced fruits and veggies and plan to use them soon.

7.  Use what you have on hand and make some creative meals. Sometimes the best way to save is to use what you already have.  The good news is that you will not waste the money you already spent and you are not buying extra and spending more than your should.

There is a time for everything in our lives and if you fell off the “coupon wagon” it is okay.  Know that you are missed and that you can easy join us back when life slows down for you again.  It doesn’t mean the end of savings, it just slows the savings down.  It is okay to miss a deal, just don’t miss them all.

Happy Savings

The Coupon Junkie



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