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2014 Promises to be a Great Year for Savings December 31, 2013

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With 2014 just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking of improvements you can make in your life today.  Many people with look at the New Year as a New start.

With that being said, we have new and some old classes scheduled for 2014. We are doing a few in home classes this year, dates are very limited.   If you would like to schedule us to come and speech to your group just let me know and we will send out information.  You can reach us at info@thecouponjunkie.com.

New Classes that we are offering are:

Menu Planning 101

Cost: $20
Menu planning class will cover different types and ways to plan a menu as well as different meal ideas.
How to plan a grocery list and match up with coupons once we have the menu planned.
We will also have different recipes or cards to take home in case someone shares a meal that works great for their family.

Scheduled:  January 21


DIY CLEANERS/Common Uses Class
Cost: $25
We will cover why make your own cleaners. You will leave with recipes that have been tried and tested.
We will also go over common uses for everyday items to make your hard earned dollars go further. You will also leave with cleaners to use at home.  Some cleaners will be made up ahead of time and some we will make together so you will see how easy it is.

Scheduled:  January  28


We will go over the basic of doing freezer meals, ways to save, how long things can freeze and tips and tricks that we have learned by doing.  We will have a handout of websites and books that are great place/resources for finding recipes.

Cost: TBA

The Oldies but goodies:

The Back to Basics Coupon Classes

We will cover the basics of coupon shopping:
Why coupon shop, where to get coupons, how to maximize your time and coupons, coupon etiquette and Much more.

Cost: $15

Scheduled: January 24th

We are looking forward to a great year.  Watch for dates to be posted on our Facebook page for upcoming classes.




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