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Coupon Classes October 7, 2013

Posted by thecouponjunkie in Uncategorized.

We still offer classes on how to save using coupons.  We will have one more class before the new year.  It will be posted under the event tab on our Facebook page.

I was wondering if there would be interest if we were to offer a different set of classes, such as healthy eating, or menu planning? I have had this in the back of my mind for a while and thought I would finally throw it out there.  the healthy eating would focus on how to use coupon and eat healthy and save money.  But also include tips to save money and still be able to afford to eat healthier choices.

My idea for a Menu planning class is to give information on the different types and ways to plan a menu as well as different meal ideas.  I would also include how to plan a grocery list and match up with coupons once we have the menu planned.  I have would also like to have different recipes  or cards to take home incase someone shares a meal that works great for their family.  (Depending on needs known ahead of time, ideally we would have some recipes that would help with dietary needs like gluten or whole food.)

I have also had a thought on Fugal Holiday class but have not come up with a lot of ideas.  The window is quickly closing for this one, so we may have to wait until we are a hold hand old to refine this idea.

These were my thought, I would love to hear yours.



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