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Journey to being frugal March 12, 2013

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The journey to becoming frugal is well worth the bumps in the road.  I have faced many obstacle on this journey.  First there was the budget. Budget a six letter bad word in my mind.  At least it was for a while.  I thought that was a challenge and then came the food allergies.  Choosing not to eat preservatives for the health on one of our children and staying within the grocery budget has taught me a lot.  I may even at times look like I belong in a different time period.  Many friends have even joined in on the fun and laughed at me while I made homemade Cheetos at 10:30 at night so we could satisfy a junk food craving.  (Just saying that if you have to make junk food, it is no longer junk food).

We are now on the road less traveled with latex allergies.  It is in a lot of stuff that I guess I took for grated.  I will be sharing my experiences as we go down this uncharted road.  I can say that with some help of friends that have been there, it is starting to get less scary.  If I stick to the list of items that are approved to start with, I know I can get the items at a cheaper price and maybe find some coupons.  But watch out for school supply time since Crayola and Elmers glue are on the approved list.  I may even look like a mini-hoarded.  I do promise to keep to the etiquette and not clear the shelves.  🙂


As the words of my husband and Mickey Mouse come to mind….   Come inside, It’s fun inside!  HERE We GO!!




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