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Black Friday November 12, 2012

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I am a huge lover of shopping Black Friday.  It was just a small tradition of the Thanksgiving Weekend growing up.  SO of course I feel the need to keep up the craziness and head out each year in search of the best deals to make our holiday money go even further.

What I have noticed is that Black Friday shopping times keep getting earlier and earlier. ( I will spear you the rant and I will not get on my soapbox about how I feel about it now becoming Black Thanksgiving Shopping.)  I have also noticed that behavior of the Black Friday Shoppers have changed.  There are more accidents where people are getting hurt and just plan craziness.  So to avoid the crazy behavior and keep the deals I have a little list to help make your shopping time safe.

Black Friday Etiquette
1.Research your prices before you go. Many stores have items in their ads that are the same price everyday.
2.Don’t stand in line waiting for the store to open only to have your friends and family members join you at the last few minutes before the door opens. Remember that many people get up early (or in some cases- have yet to go to bed) and are waiting in line too.

3.Don’t get greedy and take more than you need. Everyone is trying to make their Christmas budgets stretch as far as possible. So if you don’t need 3 of the top TV that are on special don’t buy them to sale on Craigslist later.
4.Pushing and shoving to get an item has proven to be dangerous. Is in not worth the money you save if someone gets hurt.
5.Don’t bang on the store doors before it opens. They generally open on time.
6.Be polite when parking. Only take up one parking spot. Don’t park in handicapped if you are not handicapped.
7.Leave the kids at home. This is generally not a kid friendly time. (At least not during the early bird times). You don’t want them to get hurt, lost or have them to tears during the chaos. I know the single moms and dads sometimes don’t have a choice, so if you fall in the category please use caution.
8.Please remember to use your manners. Please and Thank you go a long way. Remember you get more with Honey than vinegar.
There you have it.  Have a great Black Friday and please be safe
Happy Shopping


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