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Saving on Organic Products June 21, 2012

Posted by thecouponjunkie in Uncategorized.

A lot of the coupons that we see in the Sunday paper are for prepackaged products.  As someone who eats organic, I often get comments like “There is no way to eat organic foods and shop with coupons.”  This could not be further from the truth.  I just have to do a little more digging in order to find coupons.  Now I will tell you it is hard to find coupons from broccoli or strawberries but you can still find them.  So don’t give up hope.

So today I thought I would post several of the website that you can go to for organic coupons.

Yesterday I found this one for Earthfare.  You may have even have seen the post of Facebook.  They had several coupon for both organic and non organic products.  I had originally went there for a Snider PRetzel coupon but found all the other ones and was happy 🙂

Here are a few of some other ones I go to a lot:











I hope this helps.  If you find any other new ones or ones that I forgot please let me know.

Happy Savings 🙂



1. Organic Seed - June 27, 2012

My friend recommended this blog, and she was absolutely right in every way!
Keep up the fantastic work.

thecouponjunkie - June 27, 2012

Thanks so much

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