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Thoughts for the day…Things to love and things avoid at the dollar store May 1, 2012

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I shop around to many different stores in order to find the best deals.  But through my pilgrimage from store to store I have learned that not all stores as well as not all items are equal.  One of the stores that I love is the dollar store.  My kids can get lost in the cheap toys for hours, if I was to let them.  There are several things that I love and several things that should be avoided at all cost.  Today I thought I would share the things to avoid and some of the things I love.

Things I love:

1. Coloring Books –  The dollar stores that I go to most often has a bigger selection than even the chain stores. I also love the fact that the books are $1.00 verses $3.00.  They color the same.  Sure it is a little harder to find the super hero ones but my kids love any coloring book.

2. Hair Rubber bands — The dollar store we go to carry some of the big name brands of hair rubber bands.  Again since these are only $1 it is a great buy since it is the exact same thing I can get at a chain store.  I am just saving $2 by buying it here.  This purchase for me really adds up fast with three little girls with long hair.  It seems like every time I walk into the dollar store I have to buy a package just to stay ahead of the ones that we are losing at that second.  🙂

3. Disposable food containers — I love the metal container that you can put in the freezer.  Compared to the chain stores where you are only getting one container for $1, at the dollar store you can get two or three in a pack.  They are also great if you are going to do a BBQ or cook a turkey.  I use these for my once a month cooking.

4. Gift bags and wrap — If you are going to buy gift wrap this is the place.  Save yourself some hard earned cash and buy it here.


Things to skip—

1. Tape — The tape is not my favorite.  It is hard to get off the roll and even harder to get to stick.

2. Clothing items — The quality is not there.  Save your money and buy an item that is made with better fabric and care.

3.  Toys — Ok, lets face it. Every toy that comes from the dollar store is broken within the week.  I know my girls love the little trinkets but they break so fast. Occasionally we do find a good ball that will last.

4.  Most food items — I can find them cheaper and use a coupon shopping other stores.


The key thing to know about shopping a dollar store is to look for quality and to know your base prices.  This can help at any store, not just the dollar store. 🙂




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