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Frugal Pinterest Project — Homemade Vanilla April 14, 2012

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Frugal Pinterest Project – DIY Homemade Vanilla

I have had a friend tell me about her homemade vanilla for years and how much better it tasted and how much cheaper it is than buying those little 4 oz bottles or even the big bottles at the store.  Vanilla in the 4 oz bottle is about $3.00  and I have seen the bigger bottles for about $7.00 for the pure vanilla, not the imitation vanilla.  Knowing what she told me about the vanilla, I just kept it in the back of my mind for that time when I actually remembered to stop by that special adult store when I didn’t have kids and get the main stuff.


I was reminded of this when I saw a pin on Pinterest on how to make the small bottles for gifts for friends and family.


What you need: 

This would depend on whether you want to make a big bottle for yourself or if you are wanting to make gifts for others:

So if you are making it for you — You need:  vanilla beans, a bottle of Vodka and a pair of scissors.

If you are making it for gifts —  You need vanilla beans, a bottle of Vodka, a pair of scissors, and small gift bottles.


What to do: 

  1. Gather your supplies.  First you want to cut your vanilla beans in half, long wise.  I read that some places actually scrap the vanilla beans center out.  I however didn’t.  It added to the amount of floaties in the jar but you strain it out in the end anyway. Some blogs also cut into little pieces, I think is a matter of person choice.  I like the way the whole beans looked so I just did the whole bean.  You do want to not cut it all the way.  So I held the top and just cut down.  Tip:  Make sure you have a sharp knife.
  2. Add your vanilla beans.  I just simply added the beans to the bottle that Vodka came in.  Some people on other blogs put the beans in different bottles then poured the  on top.
  3. Here is the hard part.  Wait.  You vanilla will need to sit in the back of the cabinet or pantry for 4-6 months before it is ready.  I have read where it can be ready as early as one month.  But you would have to put in a serious amount of beans. For my bottle it did take the 6 months for it to be ready. I will actually start using it next month.  I just want it to be a little stronger.
  4. Once you hit the 6 month mark or whenever you are fine with the taste of your vanilla. , you will need to strain your vanilla.  I did mine with a coffee filter in a mesh strainer over a large glass measuring bowl.  Then I put it back in the bottle that it was made in, after cleaning it out of course.


Other tips to know:

I got my vanilla beans from www.olivenation.com.  But there are many different places you can get yours on the web. They were all about the same when I looked.  The difference for me was that I was able to find a discount code for Olive Nation on http://www.couponcabin.com. You can even get them at the health food store, they tend to be more expensive there but it is an option.  I used only 7 bean for my jar.  It did take longer than they suggested. The reason behind my 7 was that was what my friend used.   I was also told to shake my vanilla about every two weeks or so and it would help.  Next time I will be adding just a few more. The more that you use the more concentrated it is.


A great source, or the cheapest, for small bottles for gifts is http://www.specialtybottle.com/clearbostonroundglassbottlesmi.aspx.  I saw some a little as .$0.81 each if you are using a 4 oz bottle.  I didn’t make mine for gifts, I just made it to use for all the baking that I do. But I am thinking that at some future date we will make some for gifts, this is where I will be getting the bottles from.  So if you are family or close friends just forget about this part of the article or act surprised when I get around to doing it. 🙂


The alcohol content doesn’t have to be the highest proof.  From the many blogs that I read of this, suggest getting just the cheapest kind.  You can also use Bourbon, it does change the flavor just a little.  I have never tried that kind, just as a note but if you do please let me know what you think.


When you strain your vanilla you can put the beans back in or you can leave them out.  The thing to note is that as you use the vanilla and the beans are exposed, they will dry out.  I am leaving mine in, like I stated earlier, it just looks pretty. Also your vanilla will continue to get stronger until the bottle is empty.  I read in several places that people compared it to a fine wine, it gets better with age, even as you use it.


Just a side note, this does tend to be stronger than the store bought kind.  It taste more like the vanilla from Mexico if you have ever tasted it.  And yes even store bought vanilla  is made with alcohol.  They are 35% alcohol. The manufactures water it down.


According to the Olive Nation’s website: “Both bean and seeds can be recycled for another sweet treat: Rinse and dry after using a few times and bury vanilla beans in 1-2 cups of granulated or confectioner’s sugar and cover.”  This makes great vanilla sugar. Imagine this but there is even Pinterest pin for that too.  🙂  I can’t wait to try this.


Until the next Frugal Pinterst Project Happy savings and happy dreaming of all vanilla items you can make with your homemade vanilla.


Pinterst link: http://pinterest.com/pin/16818198578665206/

Blog link:  http://www.diynatural.com/homemade-vanilla-extract/



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