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Frugal Pinterest Project — Emergency Kit for Car April 14, 2012

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Frugal Pinterest Project —  Emergency Kit for Your Car

Life with three girls is always an adventure and there is some “emergency” big or small that is bound to happen at least once a day, especially if we are in the car.  When going through Pinterest.com I had a “why didn’t I think of that before” moment when I saw an empty wipe container put to good use as an Emergency Kit for you car.  Now from time to time we have had all of these items plus some in my van.  It is just a matter of can you find it or do you really want to touch it.  Another words I am not winning any awards for the “Clean Kept car”.

In an attempt to get my life more in order, I decided this kit and a good deep clean were in order.  Don’t worry I will not be posting any before pictures of my van in hopes not to scare any of you off.

What you need:

Hair rubber band (or 4-  we have to have at least one per girl), $5 bill or change purse of coins, Pen, Chapstick, Fruit snacks, Gallon Ziplock bag, tampons or pads, mini sewing kit, grocery bag (for trash), wipes, a spare diaper/pair of panties if you have one young enough to need them, band-aids, pain killer, lotion, tissues, safety pins, empty wipe container or plastic shoe box to put everything in

What to do:  

Gather all the items you need or want in your kit. Place in the box.  Put it in the car and you are set.


Hair rubber bands — Depending on what kind you like will depend on the cost.  I just pulled four from the bathroom and placed in the box.  I did originally buy them from the dollar store.

$5 bill —  I just used an old change purse and placed about $5 in change from our change jar in it.  You never know when you will need some spare change.  I like change better because it never fails I also need change for a toll road when I don’t have change and not all of them have a bill changer option.

Pen — again you can get these pretty cheap at the dollar store. I happened to use the ones that I got when there was a coupon and a sale. 🙂 Got to love back to school season.

Chapstick — I used lipgloss that I had from the party store.  I know some people love the expensive stuff but the cheap stuff works for me.  I was able to get a four pack for $0.80.

Gallon bag — I just pulled one from the stockpile. I think I actually put three in there.  You never know.

Tampons or pads — I just put in a couple.  There is never a good time to be with out these.

Fruit snacks-— again these where just from my pantry.  Snack time can be anytime when the time gets away from you.

Mini Sewing kit — you can pick these up for no more than $2 or you can make your own from things that you have at home.  (Making your own should be a future article.  Do you see foreshadowing?)

Grocery bag —  these are free with all your groceries.  Just grab a few from your stash.

Baby wipes —  The name brand of these are $2.50.  If you have some in your stockpile you can grab a few a stick in ziplock or empty travel case.  I just grabbed the whole big container.  I paid .50 for mine when it was on sale with coupon.

Spare diaper or panties — If you don’t have ones young enough for these you can just skip it.  I just pulled from our stock.  The thing you have to remember about the size is to put the new size in when they grow.

Band- aides– We were able to catch these on sale with coupons and paid .45 a box. I just threw the whole box in.  We do have a separate first aid kit for emergencies so I didn’t do any other first aid stuff.

Pain killer– I have some in my first aid kit, so I skipped these.  You can put the full size version if you like or just go down the trial row and grab a pack for $1.00

Lotion — I used the samples that I have requested for the different lotions.  They work in a pinch and they were FREE.

Tissues — You can get the small trial sizes at the dollar store and get either 3 or 4 packs per big package.  I just used a big box and put it inside the show box.  It does take up some serious room, but it is one of those things we use a lot of.  Plus as an added bonus I think I paid about .30 for the big box.

Safety pins — I had some on hand and put a few of different sizes in a snack size ziplock bag but you can get a package of 100-150 at the dollar store for about $1.00

Final cost:  This will depend on how much you are pulling from what you have on hand and what you have to go out and buy.  Either way, it is well worth a moment of sanity to have a few things in one place when those everyday emergency moments happen.

If you are using a baby wipe container and you are feeling crafty you can always cover it with fabric and make it “pretty”.  I choose the plastic shoebox version because I wanted a few things in the full size version since we seem to go through those very quickly. I also included socks in my box, on pair for each child, in case we go somewhere that requires sock in order to play.  This is especially helpful come flip flop season. 🙂

A warning about a few of the items that are mentioned above:  Pen — if you live in an area of extreme hot or cold- it may not work and a pencil might be better.  Pens can explode in the heat and just not work in the cold.  I put both in there because we sometimes do school work in the car which is required to be done in pencil. I also put colored pencils in there for the same reason.  I put a small notebooks that the smaller ones could use for “school work” if they were feeling left out.  After all I want a happy car trip.  Chapstick — Ahhh…The instant relief of Chapstick.  However, a word a caution for in the summer, these melt- so I put in lipgloss or for my spouse I put a type of Carmex. Fruit Snacks – Just in case you have been out and about longer than you thought you would be. The problem is these tend to melt in extreme heat.  So I put the individual bags of nuts. Granola bars would work well too.

In case you are wondering why a ziplock bag?  It is for those car sick moments.  They hold more than just an empty cup or a snack size ziplock that you can find hiding under the seats.  It will also work for holding any wet clothing or other item.

Now that my kit is finished, all I need to do if finish cleaning out my van and place it inside.  Then I will be good until the next emergency when we are on the go.  To me this is a very practical Pinterest  project that would be helpful everyday.  Until our next Frugal Pinterest Project.  Happy Saving and happy car travels to you.

Pinterest link:  http://pinterest.com/pin/115686284148218727/

Original link: http://aunnajames.blogspot.com/2011/08/ineeda-box-aka-car-emergency-kit.html



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