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Frugal Pinterest Project Foaming Hand Soap April 10, 2012

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Frugal Pinterest Project Foaming Hand Soap

Being a mom of three little girls means we wash a lot of hands in our house.  As a result of all that hand washing we use a lot of soap.  I can put a new bottle of hand soap in the morning and it is gone by the next day.  Let’s just say that my three year old is really into getting her hands cleans.  My frustration with this is that even if I am able to get the soap of sale and use a coupon I think it should last longer.  Don’t get me wrong, clean is a good thing.  What I have found that helps me keep a little of my sanity is to buy foaming hand soap.  It just seems to last longer and go further, even if it does cost me a few more pennies than the regular pump soap.

So imagine my delight when a friend “repinned” a DIY Foam soap.  I don’t think that a half a second went by before I was pinning it myself or adding it to my must try list.

What you need:

Empty Foaming Hand Soap Bottle,  Liquid Hand soap

What to do:

Fill the Empty Foaming Soap Bottle with approx. 1 inch of your liquid hand soap.  You can even use less and it still works great.

Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with tap water.

Put lid back on, and gently tip upside down & side to side to mix. Don’t shake it, just gently tip.


Empty bottle:  FREE, you already have it on hand.

Bottle of hand soap: You can get Softsoap at the dollar store for $1.00 or if you are like me and have a nice stockpile of it, I paid $0.30 for the bottle.

Water:  From your tap.

TOTAL Cost:  about $1.00 or less if you get it on sale.  But the good news is you can refill it several times with that same bottle. 🙂  Got to love that.

What I love about making my own is that it last longer and the girls can still be clean without going through my stockpile of hand soap in one afternoon.  The girls love the foam and adds a little extra to the washing fun.  🙂  I love the cost of making my own as well.  If I was just to buy the foaming ones new each time that it ran out, I would be spending more money than I would like.  This way I still spend the same amount on a great product but get more for my money.  It is a win win situation.

Some tips that I learned was that you should not shake it to get the soap to mix with the water.  Just gently tip from side to side.  Otherwise it gets to sudsy.  Trust me on this one, I thought I was doing this the fast way and it was bad.  You can also use less soap than the inch that is in the directions.  I am still playing with how little can I really put in and it still work correctly. I can tell you that if there is not enough soap in it, it kind of fires a soapy water at you, so you will know when there isn’t enough.  I have also let mine sit overnight before using it after just tipping it a few times in each direction.  This helps with the suds factor.

You can also do the same with dish soap if you have the dish soap one too.  I love it.  It makes it last longer too.  Just a few pumps can do a whole sink of dishes.  Some of the people on the original site said that they used dish soap in the ones for the bathroom.  The problem with this is that depending on what they used it would dry out the hands.  One person suggested using Dawn Plus Hand Renewal Dish Soap. This will both wash your hands and keep them soft.  I do know that I just bought a bottle of this tonight with coupon and paid $0.35. So I may have to try it on the next time around.

One more tip is don’t use the thick & creamy soaps.  The clear-based soaps foam best.  The ones with aloe will also separate.

So here is to having clean hands without emptying the wallet.  Until the next Frugal Pinterest Project Happy Savings and washing.

Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/pin/16818198578291662/

Original link: http://thefrugalgirls.com/2010/05/how-to-make-homemade-foaming-soap.html



1. Andrew Pelt - April 17, 2012

A insightful blog post there mate . Thank you for posting .

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