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Frugal Pinterest Project – March 17, 2012

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Frugal Pinterest Project Make Ironing Easier

As I look at another Frugal Pinterest Project I am drawn again to the laundry room of sorts.  I was also looking at my favorite products in the laundry room I am a little more than amazed at what I pay for products that are more of a time saver.  I can waved the cost but then I am looking at a large time factor.  So today I am taking a look at the ironing side of laundry.  I used to love to sit/stand and do the ironing, I thought it was so relaxing.  Then I woke up and had my children.  I know that some of you are looking at the screen going “Does she really enjoy this?  Is she crazy?”  The answer to the first is yes I do love it when I have time.  It is so relaxing to me when I can just turn off my mind or let it wonder a way.  But most days my schedule does not allow me to just day dream and iron, it is a more of  I need to leave in 10 minutes and have 6 outfits to irons.  The answer to the second question is I have to back up to get to crazy.

So I am sure by now as I go on and on about my love to iron you are wondering where I am going with this. The answer is Downey Wrinkle Release.  My mom, a saint of a women, introduced me to this when my second child was born.  I was amazed at how much time I had when I wasn’t ironing and starching every piece of clothing I had.  It made the getting ready process a lot less hurry hurry.  I did fight it for a while because Downey Wrinkle Release is about $6.00 a bottle.  That is like liquid gold in my book.  You can find coupons but it doesn’t go on sale and the coupons come out once every 9- 12 months.  So must months it is one of those rare things I pay for or that I get several bottles of when a coupon does come out.

The benefits of this lovely product is that it does reduce the need to iron as much.  You can also use it in place of starch.  That is just handy and money saving right there.  You simply spray on the article of clothing, give it a rub and a tug and call it good.  If the article is really wrinkly I spray it with water, give it is a moment in the dryer and then spray and tug with my Downey.  Simple.  The I only ones I really have to iron is my husband’s dress shirts and pants (Although he does most of this own) and sometimes touch up a pair of jeans.  I spray the jeans before ironing and they are even easier to iron.  Are you seeing my fascination with this stuff?  It is a little spray of heaven.

What you need:

Softener, water, and a spray bottle.  (Sounds simple enough.)

What to do:

Step 1: Pour about 1/4 a cup  or 2 oz. of softener in the bottle.

Step 2:  Fill the rest of the bottle with water from the tap.

Step 3:  Shake well and begin using.

Lessons learned through making this:  First of all I will tell you I did try this with my DIY Fabric Softener and hated it.  The reason being is that I could smell the vinegar from the softener.  Even though you can smell the vinegar when using the softener in your machine you don’ smell it as your clothes come through the wash cycle.  But of man, you can smell the vinegar when you use it to make the Wrinkle Release.  I am sure it would be very impressive for my husband to show up to a sales meeting smelling sour of vinegar.  I can’t see that happening.  So I made a trip to the store and purchased (yes I said it) fabric softener.  Now I just so happened to see a brand on sale and I had a coupon for it.  It was not Downey but I did like the smell of the original, not the speciality scents.  So I ran with it.  I mixed the mixture at home and loved the smell.  It smelled just like my Downey Wrinkle Release that I normally buy.  Then I tested the product, same results as I had expected from the store version.  The big test came when my husband went to use it.  I will just say he had a big smile, even bigger smiler when we talked about the savings.  So I am super excited about this product but take my advice and don’t use the homemade softener for this.  It is bad news bears.


Spray Bottle:  I used an empty Downey bottle that I had on hand.  But if you don’t have one you can pick a spray bottle up at the Dollar Store.  You just need a bottle with a fine mist capability to it.  For that matter you can even use any empty bottle as long as you rinse it out well first.

Softener:  You can by the Downey and spend about $6.00 for 51oz         Purex for about $3.00 for 44 oz Suavitel for about $2.50 for 56 oz   Snuggle for $5.50 for 50 oz   All of which you can find coupons for, which is an added bonus.  I was able to price match the Suavitel for 2.00 and then use a .50 off coupon for I got 56 oz for $1.50.  Not bad since this is the only thing I can currently see using this for so the way I see it I can get 28 bottle of this amazing stuff out of one bottle

Water: From the tap.

TOTAL cost: $1.50  for 28 bottle of awesomeness or $0.06 a bottle.  That is a savings of  $5.94 a bottle.  This is so worth it to me.  Same great product for literally a fraction of the cost.  I will not go back again to the store bought original.

So this product gets a big thumbs up from me and a big thumbs up to Pinterest.  As if it needed more reasons to be amazing.  Hope you find this information helpful and money saving.  Until our Frugal Pinterest Project.  Happy Pinning and Savings 🙂

Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/pin/151574343678191036/

Original link: http://tomandjuli.blogspot.com/2010/07/home-made-downy-wrinkle-release.html



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