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Frugal Pinterest Project March 15, 2012

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Frugal Pinterest Project Make Neo to Go Less Expensive 

Have you heard of Pinterest.com?  Well if you haven’t you are missing out on hours and hours of searching for projects and adding to your wish or must try list.  Pinterest is a series of “boards” where people can pin their thoughts and ideas that they have tried. Oh my stars, this can be very addicting.  I have found several ideas for home decorating, party ideas, recipes to try, craft projects, ideas for family photos and much much, more.   Pinterest is by invitation only, meaning you must be sent an invitation to join and you don’t have to be crafty to use Pinterest.  Oh, if you need an invitation just let me know I will gladly send you one, I would hate for you to miss out on the fun. 

So I have spent some time exploring and trying many ideas that I have “pinned”.  What I am going to do over the next month or so is to try several ideas that have been viewed on here and then post about it and ways to do it frugually.  Is that even a word?  Some of the ideas might appeal to those on the crafty side for gift ideas and others might be more on the DIY (Do It Yourself) side from cleaners to homemade cough drops. Yes I just wrote homemade cough drops.  This would be more for the my middle kiddo who is allergic to regular ones 🙂  

To get us started on this journey: The first project was to DIY (Do It Yourself) Neosporin to Go.  I know that I can buy these at the store and I know that they make coupons to for this item too.  I love the Neo To Go because of convenience and I don’t have to carry the whole tube in my bag.  The little poach are easy to open and easy to throw in with the other stuff in my purse and band-aids.   My problem with these is that they are so expensive even after coupons and they don’t go on sale very often. there are so few of those little packets in the box.  Also there is so much medicine in each pooch that we end up throwing a lot of it away.  There is not an easy way to keep it from oozing out.  Yes, you can roll the end but if you don’t have something to hold it down it comes undone and can easily get on everything.  The regular tubes of Neosporin do go on sale and the coupons are great.  Especially right now with the company helping us prepare for spring outside activities and the craziness of summer.  I was able to score a tube of Neosporin for about a dollar (that is after sale and coupons). Or you can also use the generic version of Neosporin.

What you will need to do this project is a tube of Neosporin or its generic counter part, straws, scissors, a lighter and a pair of needle nose.

Step 1:  There are two schools of thought on how to get the ointment in the straw. You can cut the straw into section to start with or you can put the ointment into the straw then cut.  I tried both ways.  It was messier to cut the straw first.  So I would go with fill the straw method.  So our first step would be to take the tube of Neosporin and squeeze  genteelly into the straw about 1/3 to 1/2 inch section.  I didn’t use a ruler, I just eyeballed it. If you are using the name brand product you have that little spout at the end that makes it easier, just insert the tip into the straw and squeeze.  If you are using the generic, the opening is a little bit bigger and you kind of have to put the straw in at an angle.  You will  have a little bit ooze out of the side of the container due to the mouth of it being bigger.  

Step 2:  Take the end of the straw and pinch it with the pliers.  I kind of pushed the medicine up the straw as I pinched the end to avoid it coming out and keeping most of it in the straw. You also want just a small bit of the plastic straw to be hanging over the pliers. Take the lighter and with the flame going run it across the end.  I did a back and forth movement and it sealed it.  The fire will melt the plastic.  This makes the first end of your  Neo To Go tube.

Step 3: Take the pliers and clamp down where you would like to cut the straw and the end of your packet to be. If you need to just use the pliers to push the medicine where you want it.  Then take the scissors and cut the straw.  

Step 4:  While still holding the plier and the straw pouch, take the lighter and melt the other side of the tube to seal in the medicine.  

Step 5: Repeat all the steps for each little poach you want to make. I was able to make 5 out of each straw.  (This was with using bendable straws and the bend part which is unusable for this project).

It only took 5 minutes or so to make about 15 of these. Which is about 3 straws.The first few that I made it took me a bit to get into a rhythm but in the end it went I lot faster.  If you decide later that you made them too long and that it was too much medicine in the  tube you made, you can always make them shorter or with less in them the next time around.

Cost to make:

Straws: I bought for $1.00 a box at the grocery store in the Dollar Row for 100 of them. So the cost is $0.01 each straw.  (If your were to use the whole box you would have a lifetime worth of these).

Pliers:  I had them on hand and didn’t have to go buy them.  

Neosporin:  I got this on sale and used a coupon so I paid $1.00 for the tube.  I didn’t use the whole tube.  I just simply didn’t need that many. I used about a third the tube. (I am guessing here) So about $0.33 worth of the tube

TOTAL: For 15 packets I made these for about $0.36 or $0.03 each (I know I rounded up.  How do you spend a part of the penny?)

Additional Helpful tip:

The downside to making your own is the little packets are not so easy to open. I found that putting a pair of finger nail clippers in the bag with them helps with the opening.  I just make a diagonal clip when I go to use them.  It is a small enough opening and I don’t have to have a big pair of scissors with me and the additional plus side is there is not a pair of scissors close to the adventurous child that is still growing her hair back from the last fun she had with the  scissors.  

Hope you find this information helpful and money saving.  Until our Frugal Pinterest Project.  Happy Pinning and Savings 🙂

pinterest link  www.pinterest.com or http://pinterest.com/pin/16818198578342861/

Orignal link from Pinterest   http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/FIU/UVNA/GV1HFGDP/FIUUVNAGV1HFGDP.MEDIUM.jpg  There were not directions with this one so I had to just make it up as I went.  Don’t you love those kinds of ideas.  



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