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Coupon Strategy of the day August 27, 2011

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Today our saving strategy for today is to save your coupons.  I know that sounds like such a totally in left field idea.  When you have a coupon you are suspost to use it, right?

To get the most out of your coupon you want to match up the coupon with a store that has the item on sale.  So not only are you getting the item on sale, yea you, but you are also saving with coupon.  This kind of saving can really add up.

If you have a store that doubles coupons and you do a sale match with your coupons you savings will really start to snowball.

If I go and get the Tide that I need right now and use my dollar off coupon I will save $1.oo off of 7.00 bottle.  However, if I hold onto my coupon and wait the item will go on sale.  Let’s say the item goes on sale for 5.oo, if I go now and get my Tide and use my coupon I will pay $4.oo as the final price instead of $6.  Now lets pretend that your favorite grocery store will double your coupon, so now your Tide is on sale for $5 and you have $1.oo off coupon and $1.oo because of the doubling.  So final price you would pay $3.oo for your bottle of Tide.  I know that every little bit counts when you are trying to save.  So hold those coupons and wait for a good sale.

What has been your experience with matching sales to coupons?



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