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Summertime Fun without Breaking the Bank Part 2 June 19, 2011

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Summer Fun at Home without breaking the bank Part 2

The next part of our series we will be focusing on different types of summer fun at home.  For us we love to go, go, go but when we do stay at home we are often asking What do we do? Below are a lot of ideas to do at home or for a fun play date.

Water/Wet Fun in the Sun

Fun with water comes in handy on a hot summer day.  We get cheap water toys at Dollar Tree or Big Lots.  Big lots also has great prices on slip and slides and pools throughout the summer.  Remember to stock up on these items at the end of summer, when they go on clearance for the next year.  So here are some wet clean fun things to try.

Waterballoons are lots of fun and very wet.  You can get them at the Dollar Tree for 1.00  The kids can just toss them at each other or play games with them.

Paint with water Little kids love this activity, even some older kids love it too.  I give the kids a bucket of water and paint brush and have them paint pictures on the side of the house. garage door or drive way.  We play a game of see if they can finish the picture before they disappear.  We will also do this in the drive way with ice cubes and see if they can finish before the ice cubes melt.

Buckets of water and cups  will add hours of entertainment.  Do relay races (hopping , crawling, and walking backwards) with the water and see who has the most at the other side. Even just dumping and pouring the water can be tons of fun.

Ice Cubes  They are not just to keep your beverages cool.  See who can melt an ice cube first with their body.  Again you can do relay races with them to.  If you have a big enough group do the egg toss game but with ice cubes.

Water guns   Don’t have any?  Use an empty dish soap bottle or shampoo bottle that has a tiny hole that has been washed out.

Bubble Fun It doesn’t matter how old you are, bubbles can always bring a smile to your face. The recipe below makes the most amazing bubbles. And to think you can find all the items needed in your kitchen.  You can make a ton for pennies on the dollar, especially if your Dawn was on sale and you had a coupon.

3     cups of water

1/2  cup of Dawn (you can use any, but this works the best)

3      TBS Sugar

Mix all together in jar or container.  Let stand for about 30 minutes for sugar to dissolve completely. I will generally make this the night before or make it to keep on hand.

Now all you need is a bubble wand.   Sometimes we take a kiddy pool fill it with bubble solution, step inside with a hola hoop and put ourselves in a bubble. This is loads of fun and makes for some amazing picture time if you can shoot the camera fast enough.

We love silly string  but the price can quickly add up.  So we do shaving cream  fights.  You can use the cheap stuff from the dollar store or the trial sizes and then use a coupon with them,  We will also do wet sponges as well.

One of the things my girls love to do outside in the water and in the tub is Bath time finger paints and crayons.  We make them since buying them can add up very quickly.

Bathtub crayon recipe using ivory soap

Bathtub finger paints  recipe

Chalk... We love sidewalk chalk.  We have found chalk in the dollar rows at Walmart and Target but we have also noticed that making it can be fun plus it saves money.

Inside Summer Fun

Here are some ideas we do when it is a rainy day or just gets too hot to play outside.

Camping indoors.  This can be done with a pop tent you already have or by simply using sheets and light blankets stretched out over furniture.  This will add hours of fun to any indoor day.

Themed Parties or 1/2 birthdday party.  Make it a party day.  We generally don’t need a reason to have fun, but just throwing a simple party during a play date or a 1/2 birthday party with no presents is just a way to add a little extra fun.

Face paints are not just for parades and the fair.  If you are up for a little mess or have a creative side, make your own face paints and let the fun begin.  Need a paint recipe?  http://www.buzzle.com/articles/face-painting-makeup-how-to-make-homemade-face-paint.html

Finger paints.  If you didn’t have enough with the bathtub finger paints, there are several different kinds that you can make or buy.  I personally love painting with pudding.  And it is tasty.

To make your own finger paint . First you take half a cup of cornstarch , three tablespoons of sugar , half a teaspoon of salt ,and two cups of cold water. Add all ingredients into a medium pan cook on low heat for ten to fifteen min. Keep stirring until it is smooth and thick. Take off of stove and let cool . Separate into containers stir in food coloring till desired color is achieved. Have fun.

Make Edible Finger Paint 

Play dough  We love play dough, especially if we have lots of colors.  To make the play dough is just as much fun as playing with it.  We use a Kool-aid Play dough recipe that I have had forever and don’t even know where I got it.

You need:

2 /12 cups of flour                              1/2 cup of salt

2 packages unsweetened kool-aid 2 cups boiling water

3 table spoons oil

Mix flour, salt, Kool-Aid until blended.

Add oil to boiling water, mix with spoon until cool enough to knead.

Continue kneading until color is blended.

Store in air tight bag or container in the refrigerator.

Pipe cleaners –  Make items and shapes or simply twist them together. It is

amazing to just watch what they come up with.

Aluminum Foil  — This is another one of those let the creativity roll things.  They will come up with hats and creatures.  Super fun to watch or play along.  We pick up the aluminum foil at the dollar store for this activity, since the cheap stuff works great for this, or watch for it to go on sale and match that with a coupon.

Whatever you do this summer take a little time to relax and enjoy the family.

We would love to hear if you have done any thing this summer not on the list or

how they worked out for you.



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