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Giveaway January 18, 2016

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The Coupon Junkie and Just Abundant are pairing together to bring you a great giveaway in honor of our first class of the year.

In order to be entered into a drawing for a free Class with The Coupon Junkie/Just Abundant and a Homeland Cares Coupon Book you must do

1.) send us an email with Your Name, phone number, email address to thecouponjunkie@gmail.com or justabundant@gmail.com

2.) Like us on Facebook here or  here

Share with a friend.

Drawing will be done on January 22nd.

Good Luck!!




Apps to Save You Money in 2016 January 15, 2016

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There are many great apps for smart phones that can help you save money.  Here are my top choices that I love.  You don’t have to be a coupon person to use them.

  1. Walmart Saving Catcher – –  Walmart Savings Catcher APP is one that I have used since it came out.  In one trip earned me $2.54 in a Walmart eGift Card. (That is not much — I generally price match in store — that savings was what I had missed from what I was already purchasing. 🙂 ) You scan your receipt and they search tons of stores for you to see if there is a lower price elsewhere. If there is, you get the difference back!   Just scan and they do the price comparisons for you! 
  2. Target Cartwheel — if you are Target shopper this is a must have.  There are discounts for both national brands and store brands.  There is no need to search and search for things on your shopping list. Just scan the barcode as you place the items in your cart. The app tells you if there is a coupon and adds it to your account. One of the easiest ways to save at Target.
  3. Ibotta   – – With ibotta, you are able to save money on products you buy. If you are can combine the savings with a sale and/or coupon, you are likely to get the product at big discounts.  To earn the money back, you must photograph your receipt and scan the barcode to the product. Once the purchase is verified, ibotta will put the money into your account which can be withdrawn via PayPal once you’ve reached the $5 minimum amount.  Once you log in you’ll see a list of categories to choose from.   Ibotta has a ton of retailers to choose from and they’re tailored to fit your location.  Choose the store you’re planning to shop at and you’ll see a list of rebates or offers for products.  Some rebates are exclusive to that store and they’ll be marked.  Ibotta will ask you to do a few things to unlock the rebate.  Usually you’ll answer a question, read a blurb about the product, watch a short video, etc. If you look down at the VERY bottom of the screen you’ll see a check mark with the word “Redeem” under it.  Ibotta wants you to verify that what you bought qualifies so make sure you’re paying attention to any size, flavor, or number of product requirements.  Just like you would on a coupon!  Click Verify Purchases and you’ll be prompted to scan your item barcode.  If it matches Ibotta will tell you and then prompt you to submit your receipt.  Follow the directions on the screen to submit your receipt and then get ready to wait!    Don’t worry, Ibotta usually doesn’t take more than 24 hours to approve your rebate.  Once you reach $5 in savings you can cash out.  Ibotta gives you the option to use  Paypal or Venmo.  They also offer gift card options, as well.  {I like to maximize my savings by waiting until Christmas to cash out and use the money towards gifts.}  Ibotta offers you great opportunities to earn rebates like earning an extra $0.50 when you claim two rebates.  Bonuses can overlap each other and some are even hidden.  You can unlock them by completing so many certain tasks.  Not all bonuses have a cash value but are for merit. Some of the bonuses you can earn are team bonuses.  When you sign up you’ll be prompted  to connect your Facebook account and if you want to earn bonuses this is a good thing to do!  The more Facebook friends you have who actively use Ibotta the easier it is to earn these monthly bonuses.  Often there are levels.  Unlock one level to get to the next.  
  4. MobiSave – –   They’re quick, easy, user-friendly and you can stack the savings from different apps on top of paper coupons.  There’s no minimum balance requirement for payout so the money was deposited into my PayPal account within hours.  So here’s how MobiSave works.  Sign up for a MobiSave account and download the app.  Please note that MobiSave is only available on iOS at the moment, with plans for Android in the near future. Also, active memberships are limited and opened up on a first come, first serve basis. It took me a few days to receive my acceptance and welcome email. For others it took longer, but it WILL come.  Once your membership is approved, start adding MobiSave offers to your shopping list.    MobiSave offers can be redeemed at any retailer, however you must add the offer to your shopping list within the app BEFORE you check out at the store.   Make your purchases.   Purchase the items you added to your shopping list at your favorite retailer. Remember, you can stack MobiSave offers with paper coupons and other mobile savings app offers like Checkout 51 and Ibotta! Each offer carries a limit of one.  Upload your receipt.  After checking out, upload your receipt to the MobiSave app and choose the offers that appear on your receipt.  Get money in your Paypal account.   MobiSave will calculate the rebates on your receipt and record them as a submission, but you’ll receive a confirmation very quickly that your payment has been completed. In fact, I submitted receipts today at 4:15 pm and my money was deposited within the hour. Get more offers!Once you redeem offers, MobiSave replenishes your account with more great rebate offers.
  5. Saving Star – –  is the least fussy of the bunch of apps.  {iPhone & Android} – Offers digital coupons for over 24,000 participating stores. The money you save is automatically added to SS account & once you reach a $5 threshold you can cash out directly to your bank, Paypal, or via an Amazon Gift Card!   They’ve only recently allowed you to upload receipts from certain stores including Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and a few more localized stores. I have never done this but you choose the little picture at the top of the screen that looks like a receipt.   Scroll down and choose your store and you’ll see this.  You’ll only be able to request rebates for the items you selected on the home screen. I much prefer to use it the other way where you connect your account to your savings cards.  It’ll give you options for the stores in your area it will link to.   Choose one and select continue.  Then it’ll ask you if you want to scan the store card to add it to your account or input the number on the card.  Then click add card.  Navigate back to the home page and select offers.  You can scroll through the offers and add the ones you want.   Next time you go shopping and swipe your card at the stores you’ve added it will automatically add it to your account for you!  Keep in mind that this can take anywhere from 2 to 22 days to show up but you will eventually see it in your account.  Saving Star is available for Android and iPhone.
  6. Checkout51 – – I like Checkout 51 because it’s not store specific.  So this gives you the ability to claim things from smaller stores or non chain stores and is a great way to save on what you are purchasing anyway.   I like to shop at Aldi because they have great prices on produce so when they have produce rebates on Checkout 51 I’ll pick it up from Aldi, where prices are already great, and claim my extra 25 to 50 cent savings!You’ll upload your receipt at the bottom then check the items included on that receipt.  Super simple.  If you have more than one receipt you’ll just have to go through the process a couple different times.  Checkout 51 offers are valid Thursday to Wednesday and any purchases you’re claiming must be dated within that week.  So if I buy oranges on Wednesday I cannot claim them on Thursday {even if they’re still listed as an offer} because I didn’t purchase them in the same week. You don’t earn money as quickly with this app because there aren’t as many products to choose from and they don’t offer bonuses a lot but I love being able to save a few extra pennies on produce and specialty items!  Checkout 51 is available on Android and iPhone.
  7. Groupon – – If you aren’t familiar with Groupon, this is a site that lets you purchase vouchers for local events and activities at discounted prices. You’ll find everything from Zoo and museum visits to yoga class to spa and salon trips. Download the app and have Groupon at your fingertips. You can quickly check if there is a Groupon available before visiting a local attraction. Or easily redeem purchased vouchers without printing them out.
  8. Shopkicks – –  {iPhone & Android}- This is one of my favorite apps to earn Free gift cards just for walking in the stores.  Earn cash rewards simply from walking into a store you were going to visit anyway. Earn more rewards also through purchases from stores you are already shopping at.  Accrue a bunch of “kicks,” exchange them for the gift card of your choice, and start saving. 
  9. Geocoupon  – – – Is a great way to save and it is a list of coupons for Retails stores.  Didn’t bring your Hobby Lobby Coupon with you.  Simply look up the store and see if there is a coupon.  The cashier will scan your phone and you save.  i have had this app for the last 4 or 5 years, they seem to always be adding more stores.  It is a win win.
  10. Find and Save  – –  This is a new app to me.  The best thing about it, it is for stores and not specific things to purchase.  There was one this week that if you spend $7 at Dollar Tree, you earn $1.  There were a few things I was going to go pick up anyway so why not earn money from it.  you just take a picture of the receipt.  It can take up to 11 days to have your receipt verified.  You can cash out when you hit $25.  (http://fns.co/ZYcc/yQbSYHbqaq Please use code  6BYZ)

My favorite thing about these apps is that they’re not mutually exclusive so sometimes you can claim the same item on more than one app and get it better than free!  Believe it or not I was paid by Checkout 51 and Ibotta to purchase the bananas that I needed to make banana bread.  When it was all said and done it cover my whole cost of the bananas between the two apps.  Win Win for this family.

All of these apps are completely free to download. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab them and give them a try. If you have other favorite money saving app, please leave a comment and let me know which ones are your favorites. I’m always looking for new ones to try!

You don’t have to use all of these apps but since they’re all free — you’re being paid to shop!  Even if you never use a single coupon!

Sometimes using these apps can be confusing, especially if you’re a beginner.   I’m always here to answer any questions you might have!  Need me to clarify something?  Or want a more in depth lesson on how to use one of the shopping apps posted?  Comment below or email me  (thecouponjunkie@gmail.com) for more info!

BOGO Week at Homeland January 13, 2016

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It is BOGO week at Homeland.

I love BOGO week and this week will not disappoint deal seekers this week.

Don’t forget that just because it is Buy One Get One Free doesn’t mean you have to buy two to save.  They will ring up as half price.  🙂  This is a win win.


Happy Savings

Coupon Insert Schedule for 2016 January 10, 2016

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Here is the  Sunday coupon insert schedule for 2016.

Please remember that this may change periodically throughout the year.  We will lis the changes as we learn them.

As always there are some weekends of holidays that there will not be any coupons at all.

Here is the 2016 Coupon Insert Schedule


  • 3 — (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
  • 10 — RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
  • 17 — SmartSource
  • 24 — Red Plum, SmartSource
  • 31 — RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G


  • 7 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 14 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 21 — Smart Source
  • 28 — (2) RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G


  • 6 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 13 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 20 — (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
  • 27 — P&G (Easter)


  • 3 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 10 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 17 — Smart Source
  • 24 — RedPlum, (2) SmartSource & P&G


  • 8 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 15 — (2) RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 22 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 29 — P&G (Memorial Day)


  • 5 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 12 — RedPlum SmartSource
  • 19 — RedPlum SmartSource
  • 26 — RedPlum, SmartSource


  • 3 — P&G (Independence Day)
  • 10 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 17 — RedPlum
  • 24 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 31 — (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource & P&G


  • 7 — (2) RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 14 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 21 — SmartSource
  • 28 — RedPlum, SmartSource & PG


  • 4 — No Inserts (Labor Day)
  • 11 — (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
  • 18 — SmartSource
  • 25 — RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G


  • 2 — (2) RedPlum, (2) SmartSource
  • 9 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 16 — Smart Source
  • 23 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 30 — (2) RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G


  • 6 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 13 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 20 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 27 — P&G (Thanksgiving)


  • 4 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 11 — RedPlum, SmartSource
  • 18 — No Inserts (Christmas)
  • 25 — P&G

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. January 7, 2016

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We are so excited to start the year off by offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.
This course will run every Tuesday at 7pm, starting January 12, 2016 for 9 weeks. We will meet at Keller Williams Reality Elite office
5629 Classen Blvd
OKC, Ok 73118
Come join us.  Use the link below to register for the class.  Invite a friend and come learn to “Live like no one else so we can live like no one else.” Dave Ramsey​

New to FPU: If you have never attended FPU you can find the materials that you will need and register.  Order directly from the link.  Cost is $93 plus shipping and handling.  It takes about two business days to get material.
Already been through FPU:  If you have attended before and have the materials and log in,  there is no cost. Please register so we know to expect you.
Please share with friends, family or clients that might be interested.



We are so excited to watch as people learn these great money strategies  and change their family tree.  cyl_promo_email (1)

IT’S A ….. November 17, 2015

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The Coupon Junkie is so excited to announce that we now have a ….     sister company


Just Abundant.  

We want to focus on all the ways to help us have an abundant life, not just those with coupons.  We hope you will continue to join us on this amazing journey.


Our first order of business is to host a new class called    A Stress Free Holiday

Class Details : 
Holidays are fun of fun, family and lots of extra stress. Let us help you find ways to bring back the joys of the holiday without the stress. We will be teaching on different ways we can eliminate that holiday stress. Holiday snacks will be served.
Cost: $19.99
Location: Yukon, OK (email for details)
RSVP: Reserve your space today
November 21st, 2015 11:00am  – 12:30 pm (Taught by Mary Grotelueschen with Just Abundant)
justabundant@gmail.com or thecouponjunkie@gmail.com


We will also host the same class on December 4th 6:30 pm.  Must RSVP through email.



Coupon Insert Schedule for the rest of 2015 September 30, 2015

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Here isa quick list of the coupon insert scheduled for the rest of 2015.

4 – Redplum & SmartSource (possibly 2)
11 – Redplum & SmartSource
18 – SmartSource & Little Tikes
25 – Redplum, SmartSource & Procter and Gamble

1 – Redplum & SmartSource
8 – Redplum & SmartSource
15 – Redplum & SmartSource
22 – Redplum & SmartSource
29 – Procter & Gamble

6 – Redplum & SmartSource
13 – Redplum & SmartSource
20 – No Inserts (Christmas)
27 – Procter and Gamble

Happy Shopping!

January Classes — Start the year off right December 29, 2014

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Have you set goals to save money for 2015? Can’t believe 2015 is right around the corner.

Start the year off right and attend one of our Coupon Classes to learn how to save money using coupons. Get ready to start that New Year’s Resolution of saving money the right way. Check under the events for an upcoming class. Space is limited and we have great specials this month as well.  Now would be a great time to start planning on attending a coupon class.

The average person can save 30% off their grocery bill with only spending 20 minutes a week cutting coupons.
We are now scheduling January classes. If you would like details on hosting a class please email me and we will send you the available dates and information. info@thecouponjunkie.com

If you would like to just attend a class we have several classes that are open to the public.


January 3, 2015 at 11:00 am -12:30 pm
We will cover the basics of coupon shopping: Why coupon shop, where to get coupons, how to maximize your time and coupons, coupon etiquette and much more.
Cost: $10 Bring a friend and get your class for 1/2 price (must tell me in email you and your friend’s name)
Email for RSVP: info@thecouponjunkie.com
Where:  Johnny’s Charcoal Broiler on NW Expressway
Class will be rescheduled if there is not at least 10 people RSVPed for the event.

Paypal invoice will be sent once you RSVP. Class is non-refundable, unless rescheduled by THE CouponJunkie
All invoices must be paid 48 hours before class to hold your spot.


DIY CLEANERS/Common Uses Class

January 17, 2015  1:00-2:30 pm
Cost: $20
We will cover the benefits of making your own cleaners. You will leave with recipes that have been tried and tested.
We will also go over common uses for everyday items to make your hard earned dollars go further. You will also leave with cleaners to use at home. Some cleaners will be made up ahead of time and some we will make together so you will see how easy it is.

There is a class minimum of 6 people. If there is not enough interest the class will be rescheduled for a later date.
RSVP by emailing: info@thecouponjunkie.com.
We will then send an email with an invoice. All classes must be paid in advance and are non refundable, unless we have to reschedule the class. Invoices must be paid no later than 48 hours before event to hold your space.
RSVP you and a friend and you will receive a $5 discount. 

More Classes will be posted as we get the scheduled .
If you would like host a class at your house, church or business email us at info@thecouponjunkie.com and we will send you the details and dates available.

Cheap and Easy Dinner Ideas February 1, 2014

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I am often asked what are some cheap dinners that I make for my family.

You don’t have to eat nothing but rice and beans and beans and rice to cut corners.  Don’t get me wrong that does help.  However, it gets old fast. So here is a short list of some of our favorites that will save you money.

1. Roasted Chicken

I can get a whole chicken on sale for under a dollar a pound. My family loves roasted chicken as well as chicken salad, quesadillas, chicken and rice, and chicken tacos from the leftovers.

2. Breakfast for Dinner

We generally make pancakes with a side of scrambled eggs or bacon if I can find it on sales and with coupon.

Some times we just have eggs and fruit with homemade bread.  Your choices are endless.

3. Hard-Boiled Eggs

This is a fast grab and eat meal that can be combined with a hunk of cheddar cheese, an apple or pear, and some saltine crackers or even a handful of nuts.  (This makes a great lunch for my girls more than dinner but it is an idea.)

4. Shredded chicken.

We love this because it can be made into many meals.  When I make shredded chicken I also make chicken broth at the same time.  This can then be used also for soups later .  Ideas for dinners out of shredded chicken:  Chicken soup, Tacos, Chopped chicken salad salad, Salad meat topping,  add it to fried rice.  The list is endless.  Have I even mentioned I love when the 10 lb bags of leg quarters go on sale.  I stock up to use for later.

5. Chicken-Fried Rice

I use leftover chicken, a bag of frozen veggies, rice and an egg and my own version of the soy sauce.

6.  Lentil Tacos

We make lentils with  beef broth and then serve them like I would ground meat with tacos.  When we started this I would add a small bit of lentils to my taco meat.  I have slowly removed all the beef and now just do all lentils.  This is a real budget stretcher, even if you don’t remove all the ground beef.

7.  Homemade Pizza

We make our own dough, use spaghetti sauce that we have purchased with coupons or make my own sauce with tomato sauce and spices and then cheese, which of course I got with coupon.

8. Red beans and rice

Rice and beans are very cheap and very yummy.  If you start with the dry version, you will have even more money.

9. Nachos with refried beans.

Again if you make your own refried beans you can save a lot of money.  Also you can make a big batch in the crock pot and freeze the rest.

10. Tuna Noodle salad

Tuna, noodles, bag of frozen veggies, sour cream and spices.  Quick, easy and cheap.


I hope this gives you some ideas on cutting cost but not quality.

Let me know what some of your favorite cheap meals are.  I would love to hear and maybe even find a new family favorite.



Fun with Pinterest on a Budget Class –Preparing for Spring January 27, 2014

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Fun with Pinterest on a Budget Class –Preparing for Spring
Cost: $30
Pinterest has many ideas for every season. How many times do you actually get around to doing those things that you “pin”? Here is your chance. We will be making and tasting several Spring Time Popular Pins. We will even give you tips and tricks to save money while doing this. Now is the time to grab your friends and come check some of your pins off your to do list.
Due to the nature of this class, you MUST RSVP. If 4 people don’t RSVP and pay in advance we will cancel the class.
Email for RSVP: info@thecouponjunkie.com or call 405-388-9457


Location: Holiday Inn Express In Bethany, OK